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Ever proud and independent, mom wanted the ability to spend the rest of her life in her own home. Already in her nineties, faced with declining health  and limited mobility, her independence became increasingly more challenging. Eventually, her comfort and safety required in-home assistance.

Pam, from Family Tree Home Care, visited mom to evaluate her situation, lifestyle, and personality. We were assured that mom's needs could be met, and Pam selected a particular caregiver to provide appropriate services.

Of course, entering another household can be awkward. With mutual respect and acceptance, this woman quickly earned our trust. Competent and capable as a caregiver, companion, and live-in, she enriched our family with her presence and personality.

Pam also provided a respite caregiver who we equally trusted and respected.

Sadly, mom died 18 months later.  Her caregivers mourned with us. They had become members of our family. Without their help, mom's wish to remain in her home would not have been possible.

Paul, Northborough, MA, September, 2010


Across the miles from Illinois to Massachusetts, I rest comfortably knowing my mom has a true advocate in Family Tree Home Care.  In 2008, my mom made the transition from independent to assisted living. The director of her Assisted Living Facility recommended Family Tree Home Care to help her with this transition. Family Tree has been assisting my mom with morning care and companionship.  Following a complex knee surgery, and a lengthy hospital stay in critical care, Family Tree also provided the bridge mom needed to return home to her assisted living apartment. Mom's Family Tree care provider sat with her in the ER until a family member could arrive, has been to rehab appointments with her, and has called me just to give me an update. I can't say how much I appreciate hearing how my mom is doing when I can't be there with her. Mom won't always tell me how she is because...."I don't want you to worry about me.."  I truly believe that mom has been able to remain in assisted living due, in great part, to the care, compassion, and love she has received from Family Tree Home Care.

Marijane, Illinois, September 2010

Over the course of nine years, my grandmother received in-home care from the wonderful people at Family Tree Home Care that was second only to what her own family could have provided. In fact, Family Tree became a second family to Grammy, and to me some four states away in New Jersey.

In the early years of our relationship with Family Tree, Grammy looked to Pam McKinley and her staff for simple chores, physical assistance and companionship, but as she got on in years, and her needs obviously changed, Family Tree was there every step of the way.

While Grammy never had a desire to move from Massachusetts, she was left with no family there and so it became necessary for us to make sure that her home was safe and comfortable and that she was able to live her life in dignified manner with as much independence as the aging process would allow.

At the end of my grandmother's life, we came to rely heavily on Pam as she helped us to coordinate her services with medical professionals and a hospice. The resources that came to help us via Family Tree's network of senior caregivers were extensive and we took great comfort in the knowledge that her needs were covered thoroughly and seamlessly.

It was beautiful to see the warm and even intellectual friendships Grammy and her companions from Family Tree enjoyed. We had a profound sense that Grammy was in the best of hands and that her health and safety were always top priority. Virtually, to her dying day, Grammy was impeccably dressed and cared for. Her dignity was never compromised.

We will be forever grateful to Family Tree for allowing our grandmother to live her final years in the happy and familiar surroundings of her own home with compassionate and caring companions.

Karen, Chatham, NJ, July 2010


Family Tree Home Care has been working with me helping out with by Great Aunt for the past six years. They have been patient, attentive, and expert in their approach to this challenge, and have provided me with the highest level of care so that I could rest easily knowing that she was in the best care. More than that, Pam and Family Tree have made sure that her individual needs were evaluated and addressed specifically, and because of that, have helped me provide my Great Aunt with the highest possible quality of life.

Frederick, Shrewsbury, MA, July 2010


Family Tree Home Care has provided safe, compassionate, and professional transport of both my father and mother to physician appointments since 2004. During this time, it has been a tremendous relief to know that I can always count on their assistance in accommodating our hectic schedules. Additionally, Pam and her staff have always taken a personal interest in my parent's care, which we appreciate very much.

Linda, Worcester, MA July 2010

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